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Friends, there is a saying where if there is a will there is a desire. For something in your mind and you are ready for it with the will power, then you can definitely get it. In the era of this technology, We have many ways where we can make our career. Today we will talk on a similar method, which is called Affiliate Marketing, Friends Affiliate means to be related to someone. 

What is Affiliate Marketing, How it is work - Realwebinfo

Affiliate Marketing means that you work related to a company. For this, you do not need any more qualification, if you have a little knowledge of technology such as running a smart phone or having basic knowledge of laptop and computer is sufficient.

What is Affiliate Marketing, How it is work

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Here we understand the meaning of Affiliate Marketing in such a way that when we are related to a company, we encourage the purchase of the product or services of that company from other people. For this, we do not need to go to anyone or talk to anyone, you do all this work only through your Smart Phone or Laptop. As soon as any product or services are sold through your Affiliate Link, that company gives you commission. As the product or services are sold through your Affiliate Link, your commission also increases.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Friends, today there are many companies that sell their products or services in the online market. First of all, we have to go to those websites and register ourselves on their Affiliate Portal, usually this portal is at the bottom of every website. To register on this, you have your email ID and one of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or if you have a blog website, it is better. During registration on this, it will ask you some information such as which product you want to promote or like that.

By the way, the method of registration is almost the same on all websites, but in some places it seems a little different but there is no need to panic from it, so you must submit your Authentic information in the correct manner. After the registration is complete, you will get the link of any product you want to promote, from your Affiliate Web Portal, which you can copy and paste on your social media platform, which the product goes live on your social media. Whoever clicks on that live product or service will immediately reach the company’s website, if they buy that product or services, then the company gives its commission to you.

Companies that provide Affiliate Marketing / Associate Option

There are many companies that provide this type of option. Some of these companies, which deal only in the product, sell some software and some only provide services, here some have named such companies which provide the option of Affiliate Marketing / Associate where You can earn a decent commission by affiliate yourself.

  • Amazon 

  • Flipkart

  • Snapdeal

  • vCommission

  • HostGator

  • Godaddy

  • Nearbuy

  • Admitad

  • MakeMyTrip

  • DGM India


  • Optimise

  • Payoom

  • Komli

  • Shopify  

Commission received by Affiliate Marketing

All companies have different commission slabs which vary by product such as Amazon, Flipkart ranges from 2% to 12%, Services companies like MakeMyTrip sell for Rs 105 to 126, Web Hosting Companies like HostGator Commission is given by the month basis and Domain Providing Company gives up to 10% of the commission for a sale and the most up to 50% commission by the Software Companies.

What is Affiliate Marketing, How it is work - Realwebinfo

Preparing for Affiliate Marketing

Friends, we must do some home work before starting any work. It often happens that we start to affiliate the product of companies giving more commission without any knowledge, which is of no benefit and we leave that work. For this, the right way is that we should first understand our social circle, what kind of traffic in our social media means what kind of people, whether the product you are promoting can be sold or not in the first way. Create a group of, then get the complete information about that product or service and also share your experience about that product / service, which leads to more chance of getting sold.

Important Information related to Affiliate Marketing

Size of Affiliate Market: Affiliate Marketing has become quite popular in India today and its scope is continuously increasing which has reached $ 6.8 billion by 2019 which is expected to reach $ 85.6 billion by 2025.

Blog website’s relation with Affiliate Marketing: Blogging is one of the best ways today through which you can connect people to yourself. You can promote any product or service related to the subject about which you write your blog.

Fissure for Affiliate Marketing: There is no slipping of any kind to become an Affiliate of any company, if a company Demand someone or any kind of fee or payment from you to make you your affiliate. Be careful and do not become an affiliate of that company.

Paypal Account: Friends, Paypal is a means of payment transaction through which you can receive your payment from anywhere. Now-a-days all companies prefer to pay through Paypal. That is why you must create your account on your PayPal.

Use of Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing together: This question will come in the mind of most people whether you will get Google Adsense or not by placing Affiliate Marketing advertisement. By the way, according to the rules of Google Adsense, there is no objection to this, you can also use these two together, but if you have applied for your Google Adsense, then you should use Affiliate Marketing only after getting the approval of Google. 

Information on Terms and Condition of Affiliate Marketing: Before joining any Affiliate Program, you should get all the information of that company and those products because the terms and condition of all companies are different, what is the way to pay them? , How much is the commission on Product / Services, because there are many Affiliate Target base (Payment only when the Target is completed) and many Minimum Payout (Your commission will not be received until you sell the Minimum Amount by the company). , So before becoming any affiliate you should have all the information.

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Ways to get commission from Affiliate Marketing

CPM (Cost Per Impression): When you display the banner or product of a company, when your blog or any media platform gets at least 1000 views on it, then that company or merchant gives you commission instead.

CPS (Cost Per Sale): Whatever sale is done in it, you get a commission accordingly.

CPC (Cost Per Click): In this, whatever banner or advertisement you place on a company, you get commission according to the number of clicks on it. 


Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money, the way the market of online sales in India and the world is growing and as the use of technology is increasing, earning methods are also increasing. If Affiliate Marketing is done in the right way and planning, then it can become a good business. Through my blog, I tried to give whatever information “What is Affiliate Marketing, How it is work“. If there is an error in this, you forgive me for that and share this information on Facebook and other social media platforms. Thank you!

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