How to Calculate Real Age of the Earth – Realwebinfo

How to Calculate Real Age of the Earth - Realwebinfo

As a truth, Materialistic Science and Spiritualism are both unbreakable parts of our lives, but between of them, the process of proving oneself to be the best from each other goes on continuously. Perhaps this battle is a reflection of our mental growth among them. Our faith in both of these, Motivates us to prove them to be superior to each other. In fact, the significance of both of these are in their own area, but when they try to reduce the importance of each other, in reality they start tarnishing their own importance.

How to Calculate Real Age of the Earth

Science is related to the materialistic pleasures of humans, and their development. But spirituality is related to the spiritual advancement of man and the sophisticated lifestyle of his life, which gives him self-confidence. Therefore, we may have different arguments for both these subjects. Today, a topic which has been in my mind for a long time, I am trying to test the authenticity of the evidence presented by both of them. How old is the earth? Can anyone give a verified proof of this? Probably not. First of all we walk according to science. There are different views on this subject in science as well. Science has been trying to answer this for a long time. Scientists have told the age of the Earth at different times.

Real Age of the Earth by Scientific Calculation

According to them today, the age of the Earth is about 4,54,30,00,000 years, out of which 5,00,00,000 years may be more or less. It is not yet fully certified. It is possible that with the advancement of science, may be some changes should also be made in it again. Now, try to know the age of the earth based on Vedic mythological facts. Vedic spiritual facts have a characteristic that they never change with the duration of time, they always remain the same whether past or present, or future. There is no change in them. Its authenticity is a combination of faith and spiritual science, which is the same since the beginning of creation. In which there has been no change yet, its biggest authenticity of it to remain the same.

According to Hinduism, there are four yugas. These yuga are Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga and Kaliyug. By combining four such Yugos, one Mahayuga is formed, and by mixing 71 such Mahayugas, a Manvantar is formed, and by mixing 14 such Manvantars, one Kalpa is formed, which is equal to one day of Lord Brahma Ji. They all also have a time period of age.

How to Calculate Real Age of the Earth - Realwebinfo

Real Age of Earth Calculation through Vedic text 

Satyuga: 17,28,000 years

Tretayuga: 12,96,000 years

Dwaparyuga: 8,64,000 years

Kali Yuga: 4,32,000 years

Mahayuga (Satyuga + Tretayuga + Dwaparyuga + Kali Yuga): 43,20,000 years

Manvantara: 43,20,000 x 71 = 30,67,20,000 years

Age of the Earth: 30,67,20,000 x 14 (Manvantars) = 429,40,80,000 years

This is the total age of this universe. Which has no plus or minus like the age of the Earth as predicted by scientists. Now we have two facts. One of the physical sciences and the other of the spiritual sciences, the physical science changes according to the development of man, something is added in it and sometimes something minus in it. But the spiritual science never changes, it always remains the same. This is his credential.

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This is the real truth, Earth holds us all. In the Vedic scriptures, who is said the earth bear the life of human, that is why it is worshiped like the goddess mother. Whatever appears in the physical form in this universe, its life span is fixed. That is why the age of our earth is also determined. There are so much research has been done on the calculation of the age of the earth, on which scholars have given their opinion from time to time. Similarly our ancient sages have also determined the age of the earth according to their celestial based mathematical calculations. We have both facts one is from the modern science and one from the Vedic science. Now it depends on our conscience to follow who we are, because none of us will be present at the end of the earth.

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