Why the capacity of air conditioner (AC) is measured in tones। Realwebinfo

You all know that your air conditioning system keeps your home or office cool in the summer months, but have you ever thought about Why the capacity of air conditioner (AC) is measured in tones and how it works? An interesting fact about this, which you might not be aware of, is that your air conditioner and your refrigerator work primarily in the same way. The only difference is that your refrigerator cools down a small and an insulated space, and that same air conditioner keeps your home, office or commercial space at a comfortable temperature.

Why the capacity of air conditioner (AC) is measured in tones। Realwebinfo

Air conditioners are a type of central heating and central cooling system that draws and transfers hot energy from outside the home. Simply put, an air conditioner that is both in your home and business has a central heating and cooling system, which provides cool air through the metal sheet ductwork, through this process. It does this, in which it draws hot air in, and then removes its heat, and transfers it to cold air.

The entire process of cooling the air at a comfortable temperature in your home or office is based on a very simple scientific principle, which has been achieved by a mechanical method. 

Why the capacity of air conditioner (AC) is measured in tones 

Most of us use air conditioners to fight the heat during the summer season. Which makes everyone feel comfortable in summer. But if you have ever read the instructions of air conditioner, then you must have found that its cooling capacity is measured in tones, not kilowatts or any other quantity. Why this is measured in tons, this question must have come in our mind at some time, which today we try to find the answer. 

Through this article, we try to tell you the reasoning behind it. 

Whenever we talk about air conditioner, we measure its capacity in tons, using ton seems like we are talking about a very heavy object. While its opposite air conditioner is very small in size. Whereas in reality the air conditioner has nothing to do with ton or weight. Tons are used here only to tell how much heat the air conditioner is releasing from a room in 1 hour. In earlier times, natural ice was used to cool a room. For this, the same criteria we get in a room with 1 ton of ice in 24 hours is called ton.

Why the capacity of air conditioner (AC) is measured in tones। Realwebinfo

After that, when the air conditioner was invented and it was found that the cooling capacity of the ice condition matched the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. This means that the effect of cooling we get from 1 ton of ice is equal to the effect of coldness given by 1 ton of air conditioner. So if we keep 1 ton of ice in one room and 1 ton of air conditioner in the other room, the effect of coldness of both will be same.

Now we will know how much heat is absorbed by the air conditioner in the FPS (British Unit) system. In the FPS system, 1 ton is equal to 2000 lb (here lb is the symbol for pound). Latent heat of ice is 144 BTU / lb (BTU British thermal unit). This means that when 1 pound of ice begins to melt, it absorbs 144 BTU of heat. So 1 ton of ice or an air conditioner absorbs 2000 × 144 = 2,88,000 BTU of heat in 1 day.

Now we divide the above heat by 24 to achieve Absorb in 1 hour. 2,88,000 ÷ 24 = 12,000 BTU / hr. This means that 1 ton of air conditioner or 1 ton of ice absorbs 12,000 BTU of heat in 1 hour. Similarly, a 4-ton air conditioner absorbs 4 × 12,000 = 48,000 BTU of heat in 1 hour. Therefore, with the increase in tonnage of an air conditioner, its ability to absorb more heat also increases and hence it can cool more air.

Trying to work out what ton of Air Conditioner you need?

To get a common estimate, use this calculation:

Number of Square Feet to cool x 25 = Total BTUs / 12,000 = Tons wanted to cool your house

The ductwork, insulation, quantity of stories, etc., may also additionally add to or subtract from the tonnage needed. 

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We need different tons of air conditioners according to the size of different rooms, because not all rooms have the same size of one room. Therefore, larger rooms require more tons of air conditioners than smaller rooms.

Now through this article we must have understood why we measure the unit of air conditioner in tons.

In the end

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