How to start blogging: simple tips and tricks for beginners

Blogging is one of the best ways to write articles or share your thoughts and in-formations with others. Earlier blogging was limited only to the scope of Print Media or News Paper, but now its size has increased considerably. Now through this article How to start blogging: simple tips and tricks for beginners, my efforts to share my experience in this regards. Since technology has made the Internet accessible to every corner of the world, sharing of in-formations has become much easier and more widespread. 

How to start blogging: simple tips and tricks for beginners

Jorn Barger first used this term ‘Weblog’ on 17 December 1997 in the history of blogging. The word ‘We Blog’ was broken by Peter Merholz as a joke in his article. Since then, the term Blog has become widely used in the world.

How to start Blogging: simple tips and tricks for beginners 

To share our thoughts, we have to choose the medium of a language. We should have knowledge of how best we can express our thoughts. By the way, you can write your blog in Hindi, English or any other language, there is no restriction on this. Because So used your own language, because it find quite easy to express ideas and thoughts in own language. Before writing any blog, we must take care of some things. First of all, we should understand our interest, which are the topics on which we have a strong hold, and which we can write in our blog in a systematic way.

What is blog called

A blog is actually an abbreviated version of a “weblog”, a type of online journal or informational website that provides you with a variety of information in reverse chronological order, including which posts. The most recent ones are seen above. It is a type of platform where an author or group of writers share their views on a single topic.

Today, there are quite 570 million blogs on the web . In the US alone, the number of these bloggers was up to 31.7 million by 2021, while the number of bloggers in India is up to 10,000 according to Wikipedia.

What is blogging called

Blogging is an art of storing many information at once and operating it efficiently, where you also need some technical knowledge along with the subject that needs to be run and monitored by a blog. In this, we have to equip a web page with tools to make the process of writing, posting, linking and sharing content on the Internet easy.

What is blogger called

A blogger is one who runs and controls its blog. He shares his opinion and related knowledge on various topics for his target audience.

Some simple tips and tricks to start Blogging

To start blogging, we need to take care of some important points.

    Choosing Platform For Blogging

    If in reality you want to choose Blogging as your career, then for this you can either write article for some famous Blogging Website. If you keep some technical knowledge, then there are many platforms for it. The main ones are –


  • Constant Contact Website Builder

  • Gator


  • Blogger

  • Tumblr

  • Medium

  • Squarespace

  • Wix

  • Ghost 

In this, is Google’s own portal, which also provides web hosting with domain for free, on this you can register any desired custom domain by purchasing it. Whereas on WordPress or other platforms, you have to register the domain with any web hosting company and then register on them. In which you will have to spend some money.

How to start blogging: simple tips and tricks for beginners

    Domain Name Selection for Blog

    A domain name is one of the most essential part of starting any blog, because through this people can contact you online.

When it comes to choosing the name of your blog for you, you have several options. But the most important thing for this is that you choose a name that people can easily remember. And that matches your blog with Niche, which can be easily promoted as a brand.

  • While choosing the domain name, keep some things in mind.

  • Domain names should be easy to remember

  • Domain name must not be long

  • The domain name should be related to the topic of Blogging

  • Don’t be used numbers and hyphens in your domain name

  • Always use the TLD (Top Level Domain) extension – such as .com because it works globally.

    Make some necessary pages for blog

    Before starting your blog you will need some important pages in which you do not need to make frequent changes. Because these “Pages” are different from your “Blog Post”. This is the page –

  • About Us

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Disclaimer

  • Contact Us

    Choosing a topic for Blog

    You can choose any subject according to your interest, which you are fully aware of, if possible, you should take a look at other mediums and get as much information as possible, then as points to them. Write down so that you can write all the information in detail in your blog in a sequential manner.

    What should be the length of the blog

    It is very important to keep in mind the length of the blog, the blog must be at least 500 -1000 words and in that you write the in-formations in such a way that anyone who reads that blog will get interest in it. You should write your blog in Parts and must use at least 150 words in one watch.

    How to use Photograph in Blogging

    To make blogging more attractive and interesting, you must use pics and whatever pics you are using in your blog must be related to your written blog. The use of pics makes the blog interesting for the reader, so make sure to use pics.

    How to use Key Words in Blogging

    While writing a blog, you must use some key words related to the title of your blog, this will make it easier for Google to search your blog and slowly your blog will start ranking in Google.

    Importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Blogging

    Friends, you should use some words in your blog that Google’s search engine can easily catch, for which you want to write the blog, you must search once in Google, according to whatever list you see from it You can choose your Title and Key Words.

    Regularity is required for blogging

    Blogging is a work of patience, sometimes its result comes too late, so you must keep your patience and keep writing blogs regularly. Most people start writing a few blogs with enthusiasm, and leave it after losing their patience in some time, so it should be noted that the one who wins keeps trying.

    Install Google Analytics to measure results.

    You want to understand who is visiting the location , how, when, from where…right?

Then it all needs to be tracked!

Knowing which blog posts are bringing within the most traffic are going to be invaluable data for targeting the proper content topics, keywords and audience.

Google Analytics also allows you to line up conversion goals which will measure how often visitors complete specific tasks (for example if you offer opt-in for an e-book, or a newsletter sign up).

Best part: it’s free.

Some important website metrics to track:

  • Visitors (new and return)

  • Referrals

  • Bounce rate

  • Exit pages

  • Conversion rate

  • Top landing pages

    How to use social media in blogging

    Initially, till your blog does not get direct traffic, then you must publish your blog on the social media platform, this will start you getting some traffic and by seeing the views on your blog, your enthusiasm will also definitely increase.

Some General Topics to start Blogging 

  • Spiritual thoughts

  • Sports

  • Political system

  • Technology

  • Finance

  • Personal Blog

  • Medical system

  • News Sites

  • Motivational Stories

  • Travels

  • Personal hobbies

  • Lifestyle

  • Fashion

  • Educations

  • Home decors

  • Home Made Recipes

and many more topics available as per your choice ………….

Must read for information

Benefits of blogging  

Blogging now become a medium of information as well as source of income also. There are some benefits are mention below:-

  • Blogging has become one of the best means of sharing in-formations in the world today.

  • You can also share your mind and some special information through it.

  • You keep getting information about every topic through Blogging.

  • You can create a network by creating a group through it.

  • Through blogging, we all have updates of in-formations.

  • Blogging is also a successful medium to showcase your talent.

  • You can also monetize your blogging website and earn it.

How to Monetize Blog

“How to start Blogging”, you have already understood to a great extent, now we come to the most important question “How to earn money from Blogging?” There are some ways to monetize a blog. But for this, you have to be patient and move forward and do your work with regularity. Because it takes sometimes from six months to a year to start earning income through a blog.

How to start blogging: simple tips and tricks for beginners

Here are some of the best ways to earn money from a blog.

1. Google AdSense: – The best option to earn money by showing ads on Blog – Google AdSense. Because Google allows its advertisers to bid on keywords similar to your content. With which you can earn money through advertisements with the best rate (Commission).

2. Affiliate Marketing: – This is one of the best and effective way to earn money online. By this you can earn money by promoting high quality products and services.

3. Selling your products: – If you are in favor of something creative and entrepreneurial, and are considering using your blog to promote your products and services, then this is a right decision. Because many bloggers make money by selling their products directly through their blog. It can contain many products such as e-books, artwork, music and other digital content or software.

4. Offering Service: – If you have knowledge of Google AdWords, then you can easily provide services to your Audience, and get paid directly in return for these services. This is one of the fastest ways to earn money from your blog.

These are some of the ways by which you can earn money from your blog.

The conclusion

Friends, in the end I cannot tell you that I have provided you all the information related to “How to start blogging: simple tips and tricks for beginners”, yes whatever I knew, I have presented it to you according to my best efforts, so that you can benefit from it. Could take. Blogging can be a good way for some people who do not want to do the job, to earn money but for this you should take care of complete patience and regularity.

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