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Meta tags and meta descriptions inform search engines and customers what your web site is about. If you are a blogger, it is required to understand what is meta tag and meta description in blogging. 

what is meta tag and meta description in blogging

In this context meta tag and meta description describe the content material on every web page of your internet site and provide an explanation for how it relates to a user’s search query. And, when is used properly, it can act as a “hook” of your website in the search engine results.

If you don’t recognize what meta tags and meta descriptions are, why they’re necessary and how to write them to get greater potentialities to click on on your hyperlinks in search engine results, we’ll give an explanation for it all in this brief guide.

What are meta tags and meta descriptions in blogging?

Meta tags and meta descriptions are bits of HTML code in the header of a internet page. They assist search engines apprehend the content material on a page. A page’s title tag and meta description are commonly proven on every occasion that web page seems in search engine results. 

Well written and compelling meta tags can entice greater customers to click on to your internet site from the search engine results.

What is Meta Tag

The meta tag sometimes it called title tag or meta title tag is the title factor of a internet web page that summarizes the content material discovered on a page. It will show up in three key places: browsers, search engine consequences pages, and exterior web sites such as Facebook or Twitter. We’ll seem to be at examples of title tags later.

There’s one necessary element to hold in mind. Search engines anticipate a titles tag to encompass applicable key phrases and phrases that describe what that web page is about. So if the title you create is now not applicable for the page, Google can pick out to exhibit a special title instead. You don’t favor that to happen. Why? Because title tags are a extraordinary probability to entice possibilities to click on thru to your website so make positive it offers an accurate, concise and compelling precis of what that web page is about.

Here’s how the code looks:


<title>Your title here</title>


Show me some examples

For this, we’ll use our Bounce Rate web page.

This is how it appears in the search engine results:

what is meta tag and meta description in blogging

    How to write an outstanding meta tags

    Meta tag checklist
  • Title need to be extraordinarily applicable to the content material determined on that particular page.
  • Place essential key phrases and phrases shut to the the front of the title tag so they trap the eye.
  • Write naturally for traffic and keep away from key-word stuffing.
  • Avoid duplication. Each web page will have a distinctive subject so it desires to have a special title.
  • Potentially consist of your manufacturer title at the cease of the meta tag, however center of attention on getting your message throughout first.
  • Keep it between 60 and sixty four characters or as many characters as you can suit into a 512-pixel display. If you write a title that’s longer than that, it’ll get reduce off, displaying an ellipsis “….”.
  • Make it compelling. Your meta tag must be attractive adequate to entice site visitors to click on to locate out extra about what you have to offer.

What is Meta Description

The description tag is supposed to be a quick precis of the content material located on the net page. While the title tag is very limited, a meta description offers you a bit greater area to inform customers what you’re offering, and it’s an probability to provide them a compelling cause to click on via to your page.

This is what the meta description tag appears like:


<meta name=””description”” content=””This” is=”” where=”” you=”” add=”” your=”” meta=”” description.=”” make=”” it=”” count.”=””>


Show me some examples

Let’s take a seem to be at how the meta description for our Bounce Rate web page seems in search engine results:


what is meta tag and meta description in blogging

    How to write an outstanding meta description

    Meta description checklist

Keywords: do make certain your most necessary key phrases for the webpage exhibit up in the meta description. Often search engines will spotlight in daring the place it finds the searchers question in your snippet.

Write legible, readable copy: this is essential. Keyword stuffing your meta description is terrible and it doesn’t assist the searcher as they’ll anticipate your end result leads to a spammy website. Make positive your description reads like a normal, human-written sentence.

Treat the meta description as if it’s an advert for your web-page: make it as compelling and as applicable as possible. The description MUST fit the content material on the page, but you ought to additionally make it as attractive as possible.

Length: a meta description need to be no longer than a hundred thirty five – a hundred and sixty characters lengthy (although Google has these days been trying out longer snippets). Any longer and search engines will chop the stop off, so make certain any vital key phrases are nearer the front.

Do now not reproduction meta descriptions: As with title tags, the meta descriptions should be written in another way for each and every page. Google might also penalise you for mass duplicating your meta descriptions.

Consider the usage of prosperous snippets: by means of the use of schema markup you can add factors to the snippets to amplify their appeal. For instance: big name ratings, patron ratings, product information, calorie counts etc. 

How Long Should a Meta Tag and Meta Description Be?

Google lately increased the preferred size for meta tag and meta descriptions. Formerly, meta tag have been advocated between 60 to 64 characters and meta descriptions to be a hundred and sixty characters or much less in length.

As of 2017, Google will exhibit up to 55 & 275 characters on the SERP. Therefore, you have to optimize your meta tag up to 55 characters and meta description tags to be up to 275 characters long.

Why Do Meta Tag and Meta Descriptions Matter?

Meta Tag and Meta description tags can have a widespread have an impact on on your search engine optimization efforts. The meta tag and meta description has most primary values:

Your meta tag and meta description acts as “organic advert text.”

What this capacity is that when your advert ranks for a keyword, Google and different engines will frequently exhibit the meta tag and meta description as a precis of the page.

This makes the meta tag and meta description as vital as advert text.

A compelling meta tag and meta description has the energy to elevate the click-through charge of your natural search results. That skill extra of the humans who see your web page in the search effects will in reality click on thru and land on your site. That capacity greater site visitors for you, even if your rating stays the same!

In the end

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